About Lacomka

About Us

Friends, we are glad to welcome you in our shop “Laсomka” and offer a rich collection of healthy, nutritious and tasty goodies. With us you will certainly find an extensive range of fine cheeses, olives and olive oil, as well as sunflower oil, mushrooms, condensed milk and many more other tasty products. All products are always fresh, safe for health and always of the highest quality. They are an appetizing decoration of any holiday table, and also make a rich variety in the diet of daily food.

More then twenty years we have been selling and delivering on time to your table only natural, environmentally friendly, tasty products. We receive it from the best reliable and permanent Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers, to whom we often go for tasting and careful selection of new products (especially cheese). This gives us a great opportunity to fill and refresh the product line on time, not forgetting and taking into account the special tastes and desires of our regular customers - buyers.

Among the variety of the rich assortment of our store, the most important place is occupied by delicious, delicious cheeses, which will surprise the most demanding connoisseur of cheese flavors - gourmet! We can not only try, slowly savoring a tasty morsel, but also buy several varieties of hard cheese and soft, delicious cheese with noble mold. Delicate cream cheeses, sausages and melted different types, as well as cheese with large and small "eyes" (holes).

We offer and sell cheese delicacies not only of different taste and density, but also of different content of fat and concentrated proteins, minerals and vitamins, rare amino acids. All these components are perfectly absorbed by almost 100%. In our company's store, almost all varieties and types have medicinal and dietary properties, the ability to generate energy and fill with vitality.

Not the last place in the catalog of goodies is taken by grocery products. With us you, by all means, will get your favorite olives or olives, in different sauces canned fish, mushrooms, olive oil and sunflower oil. You can always buy butter in bulk and individually, monolith and packaged, as well as condensed milk, halva and pineapples. We offer all our customers - customers only the most delicious benign food of the first freshness.

On the main characteristics and properties of any product can be read and thoroughly read, flipping through the pages of this site. If, suddenly, you have any questions - call us and hear the most detailed answer of an employee who has many years of experience (20 years) in properly storing and selling delicious delicacies.