Cheese history

Cheese history

Cheese history


Historians about cheese

Historians and archaeologists suggest that cheese appeared about seven thousand years ago. Legends and epics are written about him. One tells about a merchant from Arabia, who took food and milk with him on a long journey. From heat and shaking, the milk coagulated and formed a watery liquid and white clot - the ancestor of the cheese, which we call the curd. Another legend tells of African nomads who transported milk in waterskins for several days, resulting in a dairy product that was stored for a long time, did not lose its qualities and was ready to eat. And only the Romans for the first time improved the process of drying, pressing and smoking cheeses.

Developed more than ten unique recipes, used the milk of various mammals, added plant and animal enzymes, berries juice. Later, the monks learned to pickle, smoke, create a variety of varieties, added healing herbs, fruit juices and berries. Thus originated cheese making, which was the main occupation of many peoples of the Middle Ages. The cheese product was nourishing, very nutritious, well digested. It was used on weekdays and holidays. Some countries paid tribute to the dairy delicacy, which was the main income. During the historical campaigns, the winners of the trophy were: gold, jewels and cheese. He perfectly retained all his beautiful properties during a long journey.

Hard cheese history

Ancient African and Oriental craftsmen used the milk of tamed camels and mares to produce a delicious solid mass, then it was salted and dried. Until now, such a dairy product is popular among many nations.

It has long been in Central Asia and Siberia, in the Caucasus, rural residents engaged in the processing of milk of sheep and goats. Prepared various sour-milk dishes and medicinal drinks. The resulting cheeses were dried under the sun and smoked over the fire.

The inhabitants of ancient Greece and Egypt had their rare recipes, which were kept secret and passed on by inheritance. Produced salty and fresh cheese products, soft and hard, semi-solid.

Milk processing was a complex, time-consuming manual process. This continued until the fourteenth century - the beginning of industrial production. Large disc-shaped circles of cheese were first made in Holland and today are the main income of the country.

Nutritional cheese delicacy is currently one of the most famous and tasty foods in the world.

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