Hard and semi-hard cheese

Hard and semi-hard cheese

Hard and semi-hard cheese


                Hard cheese was first produced in the 14th century by the Dutch people. Its special differences from other varieties - the density, which is achieved by pressing, the content of a small amount of moisture and a variety of shades of yellow. Cheeses are almost all cooked in one recipe, they only differ in a rather diverse, sometimes unusual taste. The faint aroma and flavor of the fruit is typical for boiled products: Italian Parmesan, French Conte, Swiss Gruyere, which have a very dense and dry dough of a pale yellow hue, covered with a dark beige rough crust. Some cheeses that do not go through the cooking process have a very peculiar spicy nutty flavor: French Melemot, Italian Fontina, which have firmly dense pinkish dough with a beige and yellowish rind.

                Most hard cheeses have their own peculiarity - a small (52-55) percentage of moisture content. It is removed by pressing and heating, which gives a compacted curd, which is then salted and placed on the shelves for full maturity in a cool, moderately moist ventilated room. The degree of dryness and hardness depends on the duration of exposure. Some exquisite cheeses rest for almost three months, they are easy to cut and smell like fragrant meadow flowers, grass (Edamer, Salers). Others rest for about three years and are able to break and crumble, have a rich spicy taste (Italian Parmesan). For the manufacture of semi-hard cheeses, unlike solid cheeses, ferments with different enzymes are necessary, which cause fermentation with the evolution of gases and the formation of “eyes”. More mature varieties have the largest, up to 3 cm in diameter, “eyes” - Swiss. Such cheeses have a little more water (60-70%), are more elastic, perfectly cut and do not ripen for long - 30-50 days: Dutch Edam, Edeltilzer, Dutch, Estonian, Mildziter, Maasdam and Gouda.

                Hard, semi-hard cheese is a storehouse of concentrated proteins and vitamins, necessary minerals and rare amino acids. All components are perfectly absorbed by almost 100% of the human body. It is extremely necessary for children and elderly people to eat 30-50 grams of cheese daily. It is enriched with calcium, which is very necessary for growth and strengthening of bones. Proteins of high concentration are still needed by athletes and everyone who has physical exertion, an energetic lifestyle. Amino acids and minerals will help improve memory, sleep, strengthen the immune system, and vitamins fill our entire body with strength and energy.

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