Cheese with mold

Cheese with mold

Cheese with mold


        Cheese with mold occupies far from the last place in the cheese world in which it appeared, somewhere, six thousand years ago, and to this day is a delicacy product. Currently, there are more than twenty hundred all sorts of varieties, among which the third part is occupied by semi-soft and soft cheeses with noble mold. It comes in different colors and shades, which divide cheeses into blue, white, red. Some cheeses have a velvety silk or rough crust, wrinkled or smooth crust, sometimes there is no “clothing” at all. Such cheeses differ from all solid types in that they are not pressed, smoked and heated again.

        In the preparation of soft and semi-soft cheeses, cow, goat and sheep milk are used most often, which is pasteurized once (heating up to 78-80 degrees), and lactic ferments are added, and enzymes are added. To obtain elite delicacy varieties, it is still necessary to “sow” cultures of mold fungi — penicillium, which are whitish, bluish-blue, greenish, orange-reddish, pale pink.

        White mold cheeses are covered with a velvety-delicate thin crust, have a pale yellow very soft (melts in the mouth) dough with a slightly sharp, savory flavor of nuts or mushrooms: Brie Cantorel, Camembert, German Mirabeau, American Lidercranz. They are in perfect harmony with champagne and red wines, with grapes. For cheeses with noble white mold, the period of full maturity is 20-40 days in the basement or cellar, where they constantly observe special climatic conditions for the growth and life of fungi.

        Blue mold (grown on rye bread) grows only inside the cheese after the introduction of fungi with special long needles. Therefore, the painted cheese flesh has a green-bluish and bluish shades. In moldy “blue-blooded” cheeses, maturation lasts in the grottoes, in caves, where the necessary climate is created and constantly observed. Such cheeses last longer (2-4 months) in the cool, where they acquire whitish-yellow flesh, slightly pungent odor and spicy aftertaste. Blue cheeses come with their own beige crust (Gorgonzola, Fourm d’Amber) or without a crust (Blue azure, Danable), but in a special branded casing. Port wine, nutmeg, and fruit are served in the company to mold blue cheeses.

        Among the multi-colored mold is not the last place is red. It is nothing but a white mold, which is tinted, periodically washing with red wines. Red-moldy cheeses are covered with uneven rough or smooth crust pinkish yellow, pale coral shades. Cheese dough is very soft with a sharp peculiar smell and taste - French Münster, Livaro. Each moldy cheese, as well as solid cheese, has high-grade concentrated proteins, milk fats, valuable amino acids and important microelements, vitamins. All this is absorbed by almost 100%.

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