Soft cheese

Soft cheese

Soft cheese


        Soft cheese is an ancient (about seven thousand years ago) ancestor of hard cheeses and is still loved by all nations, each of which has its own, sometimes secret, unique recipes of soft cheeses. They are made from cow and sheep, goat, buffalo milk with the addition of special fermented milk good bacteria (except for mold fungi) and whey enzymes that divide all cheeses into rennet, acid-rennet and acid. Cheesy soft cheeses are fresh young - German Almette, French Tartar, brine - Feta, Mozzarella, creamy cream - French Philadelphia. These cheese delicacies, unlike hard ones, are not smoked, pressed and not heated again.

        According to the technology of preparing soft delicacies, milk necessarily undergoes pasteurization (70-90 degrees), is styled with enzymes, starters, and salted. The resulting mass is placed in special fabric bags, baskets of wicker for squeezing whey (self-pressing) and short maturation (from 1 to 10 days), from which it turns out very different cheeses and texture cheeses. Some cheese delicacies have creamy-colored dough (Mascarpone) or crumbly (Feta, Brynza), others are slightly thick layered-fibrous (Suluguni, Gilli-Kosa). Most soft cheeses have a fresh sour-milk taste and white color, sometimes - sour-salty, taste of baked milk and a whitish-cream shade.

        Cheesy soft delicacies contain more moisture (67-75%) than all other varieties, because they are the most delicate-elastic, easy to cut, warm up and have no crusts. In soft cheese are the most valuable proteins of high concentration with essential amino acids, milk fats, important minerals and a rich palette of vitamins. All this is easily and quickly absorbed by almost 100%. Cheese delicacies, due to the low fat content, are useful for losing weight and are a dietary product that can be satiated and get a whole set of goodies, both young and old. Constant consumption of cheese (30-50 grams per day) will perfectly strengthen the nervous and bone system, immunity, improve digestion, remove toxins, fill every cell of our body with strength and energy.

        Soft cheesy cheese perfectly complements salads, soups, sauces, canapes and sandwiches, serves as a filling for pancakes and pita bread, cream for cakes and pastries. It will also make a great company of vegetables and greens, rye bread, toasts and, of course, white and pink dry and semi-dry wines.

        Among soft cheeses, processed cheese takes the last place, which is obtained by pasteurization (80-95 degrees), mixing several types of cheeses, with the addition of milk and oil, salt melters and useful preservatives, and also thickeners and aromatic substances. Melted cheeses are pasty - Yantar, lomevye - Friendship, sausage - Amber, sweet - Krendale.

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