Cheese - is the most useful and nutritious delicacy, loved in almost all continents. Household utensils and devices for processing milk, found during excavations in Arabia, Egypt, and Greece, indicate its origin. About four thousand years BC, scientists suggest, cheese delicacy began its “journey” in the countries of the world. The first cheese factory was founded in Holland in the fourteenth century. The product made according to a unique recipe is still the main income of the country.

        Currently there are more than twenty hundreds of all sorts of varieties and several classifications of cheese: German, French and others. Each state, city or village is trying to invent its own unique recipes and varieties in accordance with the traditions and taking into account the climatic conditions. Some ethnic groups still keep secret unique technologies.

        Each cheese delicacy has its own name corresponding to the name of the area, village or country where it was made. In different countries produce products that have the same name, but differ in the method of preparation, the type and quality of raw materials. So there is a new variety with a unique taste and aroma.

        For the preparation of cheese delicacies, milk of various mammals is used: cows, sheep and goats, mares and camels, moose cows and deer swamps, buffaloes and donkeys living in different climatic, natural conditions and having different diet. The result is a variety of types and varieties of milk, which is characterized by quality and taste, composition, smell and other properties. In the process of processing raw materials, the main components (proteins, fats) are concentrated, giving the finished product unique unique features. Therefore, each cheese has its own flavor, taste, color, texture. All varieties include complete proteins - 17-29%, milk fats - 25-35%, mineral substances - 2-3%, vitamins A, C, D, E, group B, as well as valuable amino acids and important trace elements. All components are perfectly absorbed by almost 100%.

Types of cheese

        Refined products are divided into the following types: hard, soft, brine, sour-milk, melted. In turn, the hard are divided into cooked pressed (Emmental, Parmesan) and raw pressed (Cheddar, Gouda). Among the soft cheeses are distinguished with white (Brie) and blue (Roquefort) mold, creams. Between the fused sausage, pasty and others stands out. Almost all varieties have dietary and medicinal properties: the ability to improve vision, the skeletal system, the digestive system, as well as generate energy and maintain vitality.

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