Our store ”Lacomka” for 20 years, offers not only the richest collection of elite delicious cheeses, but also an extensive range of grocery delicacies. The main part consists of delicacy olives and olives, fragrant olive oil and sunflower oil. We can buy the most delicious butter in bulk and individually, monolith and packaged. There is an excellent selection of delicious canned fish in different fillings (sauces) - salmon and cod liver, sprats and sardines, tuna, sprat and others. Also there is always a very high demand for canned meat - pate and beef pate, poultry meat (duck, goose, chicken). Delicious pickled ginger, assorted sauces and other seasonings. In our “Lacomka” you can also purchase sweet grocery goodies - canned pineapples, peaches, a cocktail of tropical fruits, condensed milk, cream, sunflower halva, nutty.

        Grocery goodies, however, like all our products, we always offer the first freshness, always benign and safe, which are also appetizing and healthy. For example, olives and olives are rich in such vitamins: A, C, K, E, group B, as well as minerals - potassium and sodium, calcium and magnesium, and iron. But the main wealth of olives is oil, the content of which depends on the variety and ripeness (maturity) of the fruit and is 55 - 85 percent. Olive oil has healing properties: strengthens blood vessels and cleanses the blood, protects against diabetes and heart attack, cancer, improves the digestive tract.

        Among the tasty delicacies are highly in demand canned pineapples, which contain vitamin A, C, almost the entire group B, useful minerals (potassium, iodine, calcium and sodium, iron and zinc, copper). The unique enzyme contained - bromelain helps to thin the blood and improve digestion, accelerates wound healing and promotes the growth of muscle tissue, has anti-inflammatory properties.

        Not the last place in the assortment of our “Gourmet” is occupied by tasty and healthy canned fish: natural (salmon) in oil and / or with the addition of it (cod liver), in tomato sauce (sprat, goby) and in its own juice (sardine), as well as smoked (sprats). All fish in canned food retains its valuable properties - phosphorus and calcium, iodine and potassium, omega 3, antioxidants, and also is quickly digested and absorbed very easily. A more detailed description of all grocery products can be seen by flipping through the pages of this site.

        Where to buy delicious groceries in Cherkasy. You can always do this in our store "Gourmet", where prices are not too high and are lower than those offered in other stores. Therefore, to buy delicious grocery goodies at a really nice price, you can undoubtedly, from us. Friendly service we will provide you in our “Lakomka” on the basis of OPS in Cherkasy, ul. Smelyanskaya 159, Ukraine.

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